100+ TASKS

I can do many things. I like a variety of tasks. These are examples of some tasks I've handled for individual clients. Help me reach 200 tasks by hiring me for new projects.


Got newspapers? I pick up and deliver to the recycling place so you don't have to. Here I delivered 620 pounds of newspapers to be recycled into insulation.

Home improvement
1. Removed tattered wallpaper to prepare walls for painting.
2. Painted a bathroom, kitchen cupboards, wood doors.
3. Painted an entire 3 bedroom condo: hallway, bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen.
4. Put a heavy balcony door back on track, cleaned out and oiled the track so the client could easily open and close the door with one arm.
5. Hung sheers and drapery panels over sliding glass doors.
6. Replaced a broken toilet handle and toilet seat.
7. Pulled out a stove and refrigerator to clean out the dust bunnies.
8. Painted a rusty metal balcony.
9. Pulled out 3 rooms of broadloom (wall-to-wall carpeting), removed tack strips and staples.
10. Cleaned a mucky fridge and stove left in a rental unit.
11. Cleaned up the dusty mess left by painters.
12. Cleaned smokey inside windows and grimy outside windows of first floor home. (Yes, we do windows.)
13. Installed new kitchen faucet.
14. Assembled assemble-it-yourself free-standing cabinets, book shelves and beds from instructions.

15. Cut grass with mower of choice.
16. Weeded garden and removed weeds from pavement.
17. Watered lawn and garden.
18. Re-seeded, fertilized lawn.
19. Raked leaves.
20. Shoveled snow from cars, driveway and sidewalks.

21. Ordered and applied 6-inch letters on company van.
22. Arranged inspection of vehicle, tire balancing, and emission tests.
23. Cleaned out, organized contents, vacuumed and polished car interior.

Kitchen tile too slippery when wet, too cold in winter on bare feet, or hard on the feet when you work?
I can lay foam tiles to keep you safe and warm and comfy.

Safety Issues
24. Tested fridge and freezer temperatures for safe storage.
25. Cleaned out old food, reorganized and restocked a refrigerator with fresh foods.
26. Tested water temperature to ensure water was hot enough for safe cleaning, but not so hot to scald or escalate the gas bill.
27. Tested interior temperature of closed vehicles for pet safety.
28. Installed thermometers inside car visible from outside for child and pet safety.
29. Corralled phone, cable, electric cords and removed them from traffic paths.
30. Plugged the gaps where second-hand smoke/mice were entering a unit from another.

31. Placed a US order for garden seeds for a client and picked them up in the US.
32. Purchased Canadian grocery items and postage not available in the US.
33. Purchased US grocery items not available in Canada.
34. Shopped for tools and hardware.
35. Shopped for household and office supplies.
36. Made "chicken soup runs" for family with flu (prescriptions, tissues, treats).

37. Shopped for back-to-school clothes.
38. Shopped for career clothes.
39. Folded and boxed winter wools during warm season.
40. Laundered spring and summer clothes for wear.
41. Altered clothing to fit client better.

Queue Sitting
42. Waited in line for event tickets.
43. Waited for deliveries and tradespeople at homeowner's home.
44. Handled vehicle registration renewal in person.

45. Helped pick up and deliver cabinets and televisions for clients without a large enough vehicle.
46. Delivered a few boxes of clothes and personal items to an "ex" in another city for a woman who didn't want to see him, but wanted him to have his stuff.
47. Picked up large order from Ikea to save on delivery charges.

Restoring good items to almost new
48. Refurbished a dirty, smelly, rusty dishwasher and replaced broken wheels.
49. Brought back a non-suctioning vacuum cleaner to full power.
50. Restored glass casserole dishes with baked-on stains to their original luster.
51. Removed stains from carpeting to look fresh and clean.

52. Prepared holiday dinner.
53. Made box lunches for school or work.
54. Planned meals based on a special health diet.
55. Prepared casseroles to take to grieving family.

56. Taught a new B & B owner efficient and effective management methods.
57. Taught dining etiquette to a family.
58. Taught a new wife cooking methods so she could understand recipes and wow her new husband.
59. Taught corporate executives the art of business-social events.

60. Provided cat sitting (both visitation and live-in).
61. Provided dog walking (live-in).
62. Brought cats home from the vets after dental/medical surgery, to monitor.
63. Cut cats' claws and removed mattes from long-haired kitties.
64. Got cats to a vet for medication right away, upon discovering they had worms.

65. Showed a young man how to balance his checkbook.
66. Showed a couple how to create a budget and get out of debt.
67. Set up bookkeeping system for a new business owner.
68. Helped an entrepreneur catch up on several years of unfiled taxes.
69. Helped a widow find and learn about her financial state of affairs.
70. Helped an heir decide how to manage an inheritance.
71. Helped an entrepreneur to collect money owed her.
72. Helped find scholarship money for college.
73. Showed a family how to find an extra $500 in their budget.

Home Sale and Rental
74. De-cluttered a home for open house.
75. Provided detailed cleaning for open house.
76. Staged furniture groupings for open house.
77. Organized packing of household for move.
78. Coordinated move of household contents for a single woman.
79. Organized contents in storage unit for easy access at any time.
80. Unpacked contents of home and arranged intuitive placement and storage.
81. Analyzed what was deterring tenants from renting run-down apartment in historic building.

82. Helped arrange funeral and burial arrangements.
83. Helped write a Will.
84. Helped pet owner decide the next step upon death of a beloved pet.
85. Helped family compile information for the obituary.
86. Helped family choose a memorial.
87. Tended a family burial plot.

88. Taught an 88 year old to send and receive email.
89. Added new memory and updated software on an older computer.
90. Set up cable Internet and added a router for wireless use by other computers.
91. Helped senior set up Facebook, Twitter, and Tweetdeck accounts.

92. Shredded sensitive documents in client's home within sight.
93. Created business cards and brochure for new business start-up.
94. Created simple 11 page web site for new consultant.
95. Business-sat for bed and breakfasts and interior decorator for vacationing owners.
96. Showed a business owner how to increase profits without raising fees.
97. Showed business owner where she was leaving money on the table in negotiations.
98. Wrote news releases and distributed them to press and media.

Home Fashions
99. Made satin bed sheets: flat sheet, pillow shams, fitted sheet.
100. Made duvet covers from sheets and other fabrics.
101. Made tab curtains, cafe curtains, and pleated draperies.
102. Made round table clothes, placemats, serviettes and table runners.

103. Accompanied an elderly patient to hospital ER who had fallen when family was not available.

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